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Introduction to Frameworks

Let's figure out what all the hubbub is all about.

Ruby on Rails Basics

You'll learn the basics of the wildly popular framework that has made thousands of programmers highly productive and happy


A brief introduction to get you introduced to Backbone.js, a popular front-end web development framework we'll be covering in a separate course later.

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Brazildesigncolor Features

Tying it All Together

Now that you've had a healthy taste of all the major components in a web application, we'll take a step back and remember where they all fit into the bigger picture.

Getting Hired as a Web Developer

You've come extremely far and are now a capable web developer, but, as you've probably realized, the journey of discovery has only just begun. Luckily, you're now useful enough that others will pay you to keep building and learning. . . and in this short course, we'll show you how to make that happen.

How To Transform Your Problem-Solving And Creativity ?

Think of all the people you know who inspire you, whether family and friends or public figures. Who are the most interesting, engaging and stimulating to be around? The ones with the great ideas and energy for life? These people almost certainly always ask questions and have an insatiable thirst to learn new things.

Our Clients

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